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Admission Guide

 Admission Guide

Such details as entrance examination are explained in the [Admission Guide].

  Admission Guide [PDF]              


  Application Form [PDF]              


  Sample Application Form [PDF]  


 Admission Number

30 students

 School Term

One year, but may be extended one more year if considered to be necessary.

 Examination Fee

20,000 yen

 Admission Fees

Items Tuition Fees Annual Fee (yen)
Ryugakusei Bekka
 Entrance 100,000   
 Tuition 430,000   
 Facility Charges 50,000   
 Health Insurance 20,000   
 Other Expenses 30,000   
Total 630,000   



 Contact for Questions

Contact  Japanese Language and Culture Courese (JLCC)
              Ryugakusei Bekka
              International Center, North Asia University


Address  46-1, Mamorisawa,

             Sakura, Shimokitade, Akita City, Japan 〒010-8515

Telephone:81(018)836-1981 FAX:81(018)836-2485


Office hours are from 8:30 am to 5:10 pm Monday thru Friday.
(not open on Saturday, Sunday or national holidays )

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